Menutup Diri dari MISI

Menutup Diri dari MISI
Menutup Diri dari MISI

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Berikut artikel SALES dan MARKETING ” Menutup Diri dari MISI “, bersumber dari BLOG Seth Godin.

Menutup Diri dari MISI

Hiding from the mission

We do this in two ways:

The first is refusing to be clear and precise about what the mission is. Avoiding specifics about what we hope to accomplish and for whom. Being vague about success and (thus about failure).

After all, if no one knows exactly what the mission is, it’s hard feel like a failure if it doesn’t succeed.

The second is even more insidious. We degrade the urgency of the mission. We become diffuse. We get distracted. Anything to avoid planting a stake and saying, “I made this.”

It’s possible to spend 7 hours and 52 minutes out of an eight-hour day in doing nothing but hiding from the mission. And it’s exhausting.


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