Terlahir sebagai SALESPERSON

Terlahir sebagai SALESPERSON
Terlahir sebagai SALESPERSON

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Berikut artikel SALES dan MARKETING ” Terlahir sebagai SALESPERSON “, bersumber dari BLOG Seth Godin.

Terlahir sebagai SALESPERSON

The born salesperson

There’s no such thing as a born salesperson.

What there are… are people with empathy and learned charisma who choose to work hard.

If you show up and show up and show up, and care enough to learn to connect, you will have a skill for life.

In the meantime, consider getting yourself hooked on 30 minutes a day of audio that trains you to sell. It takes a while, but it’s learnable.

Zig Ziglar, Anthony Iannarino, Dan Pink, Brian Tracy, Frank Bettger, Jill Konrath … anyone who will help you learn the long-game, the generous long game.

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